Highly competitive -
the added value for your company


Are you safe?

After all, your precious company assets are not all tucked away at the bank or reported only in the balance sheet.
Developments, data, measurements, offers, documented expertise and much more represent information of the greatest value that is not only interesting for you.

Can your clients feel safe?

Let’s not forget: you are responsible for ensuring reliable and secure management of data and information on their way to or from the client.
Do you protect these assets sufficiently against manipulation, loss, theft or other threats?

An ISMS according to ISO 27001 or TISAX® VDA/ISA offers considerable benefits

Maintaining and ensuring market competitiveness
(Protecting expertise).

Fulfilment of the information security requirements imposed by your business partners and clients.

Guarantees stable and trusting collaboration between various business partners (secure data exchange).

Ensures adherence to laws and regulations (compliance), while preventing data abuse and downstream liability claims.

Raises staff motivation and awareness in regard to the importance of information security at your company.

Protects jobs at your company
in the long term.

Safe at last

An ISMS that is certified according to the relevant standards and then implemented in practice gives your company all the tools it needs to minimise the economic risk of information security breaches. 

This is built on the effective establishment of standardised guidelines, operating procedures, optimised processes and the implementation of effective IT measures. 

Are you interested in a portfolio that is tailored to your company and delivers clear added value? We would be delighted to support and advise you in achieving this goal.