Data is the new gold
You must therefore protext your company assets and preserve the flawless condition of these decisive, virtual resources in your business.
We are certified according to ISO/IEC 27001.
By obtaining certification for outstanding information and data security, we are taking the next logical step as a TOP consultancy firm.
Protecting critical infrastructure
Interdisciplinary and reliable security concepts protect vital objectives in your business processes: Availability, confidentiality and integrity.

ARCA-Consult GmbH

is a prestigious consultancy firm specialised in IT and information security, digitisation and audit-proof preparations for certification.

For almost two decades now, we have supported our clients throughout Europe in the complex task of protecting their company assets. Our clients are spread across many different sectors, with a particular focus on critical infrastructure. But we are delighted to contribute our expertise to small and medium-sized enterprises as well.

Moreover, the TOP CONSULTANT quality seal marks us out as one of the best consultancy firms for SMEs.
Learn more about what we can do to implement and optimise your security concept.

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IT security

Identifying potential risks and taking preventative action Introduce methodical disaster recovery to protect your IT along with ongoing operations (BCM/IT SCM).

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Standards and norms such as ISO 27001, VDA ISA (TISAX®) or NIS-2 determine how elementary security goals – confidentiality, integrity and availability – are fulfilled at your company.

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Introduce an authorisation management system to track the career of your company employees and use it to manage and analyse their identities and authorisations.

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Round off your security concept

Training: ISO 27001 – preparation for company and personal certification according to ICO for Foundation & Professional Information Security, web seminars, e-learning and awareness training round off our programme for your security needs and qualifications.

Vervollständigen Sie Ihr Sicherheitskonzept

Schulungen: ISO 27001 Zertifizierungen, Web-Seminare, eLearnings und Awareness-Trainings runden unser Angebot für Ihr Schutzbedürfnis und Ihre Qualifikationen ab.

Unser Schulungsangebot

Bild, Familienunternehmen

Family business

As an intergenerational family business, we are deeply concerned with acting sustainably and conscientiously.

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What we do is definitely more than just advise. We offer different approaches that all interlock and result in a reliable security concept in an interdisciplinary way.

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We believe that our social responsibility is best expressed by our fair HR policies and the assurance of job security.

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