Information security and enhanced effectiveness -
the added value for your company


Authorisation management

This covers elementary requirements placed on a company’s information security by enabling process-controlled and verifiable management of identifies and authorisations. It also includes centralised control of staff access channels to IT-assisted resources.

Processes are optimised, unified and automated, which simplifies the management of identities and therefore adheres to the need-to-know principle.

Added value for your company

An IAM can be used in an incredible variety of ways and assist you in numerous areas. Are you interested in a portfolio that is tailored to your company and delivers clear added value? We would be delighted to support and advise you in achieving this goal.

Fast and automated deployment of user accounts and roles based on an automatic assignment of roles.

Transparent authentication and
user rights

Automation of security-relevant specifications

Enhancement of the company’s monetary value

Optimised management and deployment of your software licenses

Optimisation of account management

Secure and convenient password management

Use of strong digital identities

Measures to comply with the GDPR