Corporate social responsibility 

ARCA-Consult GmbH is an intergenerational family business, which explains our deep commitment to conducting ourselves sustainably and conscientiously.


Our corporate responsibility

We believe that our social responsibilities as a consultancy firm are mainly to ensure fair HR policies that address the needs of our employees and to introduce long-term strategies that create job security.


According to the Allensbach Media Market Analysis (AWA), around 17 million people in Germany are involved in voluntary work in 2020. Included in this number are some of our colleagues, too.
As a company, we welcome this voluntary engagement and explicitly support our employees at all times in their work as volunteers.


We are accountable for our economic activities and for the viable structure of our lines of business. It is therefore our declared goal to adhere to ethical business conduct and to remain at the forefront of consulting firms – and not for economic reasons alone.
The deep sense of responsibility we feel towards our staff, clients and partners demands complete commitment to plan our strategies with foresight.


At the same time, we understand the personal and social needs of our employees and the demands of reconciling family life with pursuing a career. We offer flexitime arrangements, independent time management, working from home on request, the option to bring children to work during the holidays and team events. We believe an excellent atmosphere at work to be indispensable.


To continue the ongoing process of sustainable business practices, our facilities and office operations rely on natural products and climate-neutral energy.
We also pay attention to resource efficiency and the continuous optimisation of our business travel policies. We have developed a landscape and greenery concept for our grounds in cooperation with experts for nature conservation. Wild flower meadows and rare indigenous trees create a habitat for insects, small animals and reptiles.


Our employees are not alone in their engagement. As a company, we feel equally obliged to give something back to society.
Every year, we gladly support selected projects such as “Sternstunden” and “Trösterteddys – Kinderhilfe Eckental”, both of which seek to improve the lives of vulnerable children.
We also support a broad range of regional projects each year as well.


Aside from our commitment to others, it is essential to pay attention to the needs of our staff. Height-adjustable tables, ergonomic chairs and mouse and keyboard aids along with height-adjustable screens etc. are all a matter of course for us.
We also contribute to the physical fitness of our staff by promoting sporty team events like marathons or the long-distance “Mega March” hike.

ARCA-Consult is among Bavaria’s 20 most family-friendly companies

We received this award from the Bavarian government on 11 October 2021. The accolade delighted us, as it pays testimony to our family-friendly policies and their positive effect on the company’s image and business success. It encourages us to continue our commitment to reconciling family life with professional demands and to build on these efforts to the best of our ability. In total, 293 eligible companies vied for the title of being one of Bavaria’s 20 most family-friendly companies.